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the shit in my head

"you are not my brother anymore." said the older boy "I never was...."

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Reg, as she is called by most of the fanfiction world, was born many years ago in a hospital that has since been torn down. She has lived in New York her whole life with a plethera of strange people and unknown family members. She has black and white hair and wears glasses. You are most likely taller then she and have smaller dark circles under your eyes. She is currently doing indepedent study on a small island in the middle of the sea. She spends her days sitting around staring into other universes while trying to describe them to others for their enjoyment and writing about herself in 3rd person. She likes albinos, bookish werewolves, and when nerdy Jewish boys change the history of poetry. She dislikes when planets inhabited by red haired hitchhikers blow up, uppity vampires, and being hung up-side-down from trees. Fun fact: her favorite artist/magician is Brion Gysin.